Sparked by your generous giving, tens of thousands will be reached long after the life of this project. Here are some effective fundraising ideas and links that will insure your donation reaches its destination.

Raise your Outpost/group

Success follows goals.

Challenge each member in your outpost/group to raise $1.20/day for 30 days each year of the project (2020 and 2021).

What’s your goal?

Raise your outpost/group formula:

____(number of members) x $1.20 x 30 = ____ (annual goal)

x 2 years = ____ (TOTAL GOAL)

Effective Fundraising Ideas

Here are some time tested fundraising ideas:

To give :

To give online through:



To remit donation by mail, download a form:

Donate LFTL funds via your Assemblies of God Network/District office.
It is IMPORTANT to request your LFTL donation go toward: 
LFTL, Royal Rangers International/NEPAL
1644 West Lloyd Street
Ozark, MO USA 65721