RRI Africa Summit, May 2007—Nairobi, Kenya

    The recent RRI Summit in Kenya greatly encouraged the leaders of all the African nations that are involved in Royal Rangers. The nations of Uganda, Madagascar, Malawi, Ghana, and Kenya, were represented and either shared reports of how God is using Rangers to win boys and girls for Christ in their country, or how they desperately want to begin Rangers as soon as possible. Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, and Tanzania were not able to attend, but RRI has been communicating with the leaders in those nations.

    As a result of the summit, RRI has begun working with the Assemblies of God of Madagascar to introduce Rangers and to translate the RRI Global Curriculum into French for the 22 nations in Africa, like Madagascar, that use French as one of their official languages. Also, several training events are planned for other nations.  For example, the delegates from Ghana asked for assistance to train their new generation of leaders. Since then, God has helped us put together a team to leave for Ghana September 2008.  Ranger training instructors from Tennessee, W. Florida, and Minnesota will conduct Ghana’s first NTC since 1999. The Royal Ranger program in Ghana dates back to the mid-70’s and is now over 30 years old. 


Dan and Walter from the Ghana delegation to the Africa Summit. Walter is the National Commander and Dan is his assistant. RRI is sending an NTC Training Team from the US to Ghana in November to train 62 new leaders.

    We expect 2008 to be an even busier year for pioneering and expanding Royal Rangers on the African continent! We need your continued support of the Ready Evangelism Fund to make all of this possible.